So Cal Fish Tacos – Gilbert, AZ

It was one of my typical Friday’s off from work; feeding the baby and watching channel 3 news around 6:30-7am. Every Friday channel 3 has a road trip Friday, and this particular Friday they were featuring old town Gilbert, AZ. Starving because I had started a new diet, I told my husband we had to try one of the restaurants in Gilbert for lunch when he got home. 

So Cal Fish Tacos is located on the southern portion of rows of restaurants in Gilbert. Parking is in the rear, with entrances from both Gilbert Road or the back parking lot. If your coming from the parking lot, you’ll pass a small outdoor seating area with a simple modern aesthetic . Chalk board stand with colorful lettering highlights the specials as you approach the door. The interior is small – one row of seating to you right with a few table size options. The space is long and narrow, with a so cal beach quality likeness. Tables are simple and movable, with surfer magazines in the middle to keep you busy while your food arrives. Not a place for large groups on a weekend. Opposite of the room, where the main entry from Gilbert Road is, the hostess table and a small to go stand for someone in a hurry or called in a order. For a summer Friday afternoon, it was a bit busy but were seated right away. They had a high chair for my daughter (plus point), but sat us against the wall where she was in the line of major traffic. Unfortunately our only other option was to sit outside in the 100 degree weather, which wouldn’t have an issue it it weren’t for my 10 month old. 

As we are being seated, I saw the owner from the news show; extremely nice and was busy helping throughout the restaurant. We ordered hips and salsa for starters, I ordered the lobster tacos which was one of the specials for the day. My husband ordered the shrimp and scallop tacos (one of each). Tacos come with a small side of rice and beans, and although the look small in the photos, the tacos make up for them. Unlike most quick taco joints that fill with little “meat” and most cabbage, the tacos here are worth the $8-10/meal price. Filled to the edges each bite of the taco was well proportioned with filling. And I loved the salsa here, not too chunky and not too spicy. 

If I had room I would have gotten a dessert, but there’s always next time. So if your craving a fish taco in the desert Phoenix sun, try So Cal Fish Co. You won’t be disappointed.



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