Blue Willow – Tucson, AZ

I went to Blue Willow this past weekend as part of an overnight trip to drop off my younger sister to med school at U of A. Occupying an old house off of Campbell Road, Blue Willow restaurant and gift shop provides a quaint atmosphere surrounded by art and indoor plants. As we waited for their doors to open people were parked and waiting at the entry of the place minutes before opening. You walk through their gift shop and seat yourself, either indoors or outdoor patio seating. They are kid friendly supplied with high chairs and booster seats. But bathrooms don’t have changing tables. Nothing fancy about the indoor decor. Furniture is a bit outdated, and nothing fancy about the flooring, but cute arrangement of real flowers in artistic vases sit in the middle of the table.   

As always, I order a cup of coffee and the eggs Benedict. They have something to satisfy both the sweet and savory brunch goer. Don’t forget to ask what the quiche of the day is. Ordering the eggs Benny I didn’t have an option to substitute my side of potatoes. But let me tell you, they were some of the best cooked and seasoned breakfast potatoes I’ve had from a local mom and pop place in a while. The food gets my two thumbs up, as well as the service. My sister had a sweet filled crepe and it was also very delicious. A bonus point for this place is that I was able to get a side of soy milk for creamer with my coffee.

 So if you decide to eat at Blue Willow in Tucson… Come hungry, leave happy.




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