Foodie Review: The Yard – Arrogant Butcher

The Yard (Come Early !!!!)

Part of the Fox Restaurant concepts, this place is fun and flirty, and can be a really great time if you make it that way. An adaptive reuse, the site use to be an old garage, and the original walls still stand, with motorcycle and car decals plastered on the walls. As many yelp reviews state, the parking and valet is horrible, (and I cant image what the neighbors are thinking), and the wait for anything is extremely long, so I’ve put this in Lunch, so that you know to either a) make a reservation during the only two time options (11AM or 6PM, for parties of 6+), or b) get there early!!! say around lunch time. 😉 …. A great concept indeed — corn hole, ping pong, shuffle board, and foose ball, sometimes you’ll find the occasional local entertainer strumming some tunes, or singing with a band. The “yard” space is self serve, and at times, a yard beer tent is available to avoid the central bar waiting. Fox has opened 2 restaurants in this space, Culinary Drop Out, and its most recent, Little Cleo’s (still to try). The menu at Culinary is the same as Scottsdale Waterfront, so the pretzels are a must try.


The Yard
The Yard

If you are ever in the mood to try a Fox Restaurant Concept, contact me, as its a local bucket list item of mine to visit them all.


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